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Lloyd Benedict Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney

Why Call The Benedict Law Office?

Lloyd Benedict is Tulsa’s premiere personal injury and auto accident attorney. He has been successfully handling and resolving personal injury cases for 25 years.

With all the growth and expansion taking place in Tulsa there is a greater array of events and opportunities to explore. This growth has made it possible for people in the suburbs to commute to Tulsa for work on a daily basis. But with the suburban commuters adding to an already intense traffic situation on Tulsa’s highways, interstates, and roadways it seems that the danger of serious collisions has only increased. Every day there are more and more accidents in which people must seek an auto accident attorney to help them sort out the wreckage.

An auto accident lawyer helps to handle far more than the monetary damage to your car; they fight on your behalf to see that insurance companies don’t take advantage of you. An accident attorney knows that an insurance company claim adjuster’s entire job is to make certain that payouts remain as low as possible. With more serious accidents, where a party has become disabled, it is often the case that your personal injury lawyer quickly plays the additional part of Social Security Attorney. This guarantees that not only will your medical expenses be taken care of, but that you will also receive due disability income.

So if the worst should happen to you on the roadways in Tulsa, call on the personal injury lawyer who can represent all of your rights: call Benedict Law Office. With many years of experience representing the rights of victims’ against big insurance companies you can rest assured that your claim will be handled at every turn with your ultimate benefit in mind.

At the Benedict Law Office:


We work on a contingency or percentage of the settlement. in other words, If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid!


We will meet you where you are – at your home, office, or by phone. We can email you any forms you need to fill out to get started.


Lloyd Benedict has been successfully handling and resolving Personal Injury cases for 25 years. See more on our About Lloyd page.

Case Types

• Auto Accidents

• Motorcycle Accidents

Semi Truck Accidents

Wrongful Death Accidents

Boating and ATV Accidents

Neck and Back Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries Requiring Surgery

Workers’ Compensation

Social Security Disability

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